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List Building With Internet Marketing

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List Building With Internet Marketing

By: Angelique Rosado

In internet marketing, nothing would be more valuable than both the budget and the potential in terms of acquiring new business leads. Your budget will only be a fraction of the total investment while the potential of getting traffic is a whole other story.

Obviously, we need to proceed with a methodology that will eventually allow you to develop and grow your business long term. But first, you must know that it is not enough to obtain the traffic and customers; we need to actually work on converting them into long-term clients.

List Building

When someone is looking or seeking information online, they will either have a need or a desire to know more. The first thing to do is get yourself in front of those that have been looking for this information. You can do this in a number of ways, the most common is offering them something for nothing: information.

I have explained before that the internet works for the first part of the ‘lead generation system’ for online marketing. To get a customer to actually go to a main website, you have to capture their name and email address.

People typically get on the internet looking for information when they are on the search engines. The natural thought is that that they want to finally find the info they are looking for, whether it is a solution to a problem or a product that is hot to sell. Now, they are searching for something that they need to make a decision and purchase. The first one is the downloading.

You can be the very person that the consumer is in need of that product. It is up to you to offer them what they want or where they are in the buying process. To develop that relationship between your and them, it is very important to offer them something for free that contains valuable and beneficial information.

Don’t use the terms “Free Report” or “Free E-Books”, because think of it more like a free trial. Any honest Internet Marketer knows that some people would rather buy through an in-person amount of money than just a click and download, but paid-to-download or Trade-In status is still really an invaluable way to build a good list and profit on long term.

So, what is it that you are offering? It’s anything from an audio file, to a video, to an MP3 file that can be emailed to your prospects. Whatever you decide there should be value in it and only then are they willing to giving you their name and email address.

vet a Islands of officer that offers this type of free offer, and then do some final research to see what product is selling. This is called Customer Choice Index training because it will basically teach you what to ask your prospects to buy in an effort to make you a profit on the long run, and recommend it for your new opt-in subscriber list.

If there is no competition in your industry, meaning your niche market, and then you are likely to get hundreds to thousands of names on your list for that site just because they don’t want to be on it. The key here is that to get the names it is not really necessary to sell them something but to present them with the right opportunity. One of the most powerful methods of doing this is to make a sales page that informs them of the benefits that the information presented will give them.

Let’s just take a simple look at a real life example that you are one of millions that would love a piece of this from a friend. I want you to do something that you are interested in for a minute.

I am a café shop owner. I have just come back from my morning cup of joe. Now, I really don’t know what the teal was when I came there, but I know that it wasn’t there. How much someone will pay for a solution to their problem when I can’t even find it where I go? I don’t care, just the general point, but if I were to ask the same drastic question I am probably offering you, I have a problem of something I couldn’t find. So, let’s take a look and see how to do it.

1 – Write a 500 word article in your industry that solves someone’s problem

2 – Create a short resource box with an offer to purchase the report

3 – Write an article on the solution with an offer to purchase you a copy of the product that you offer them.

4 – Create a follow-up email series that puts the product in the system to purchase, that explains the product’s benefits.

5 – Repeat the #5 & #4 processes and make sure to implement other marketing strategies to drive traffic back to your website for more new opt-in subscribers and sales.

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