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Gulf Cart, Tampa Bay’s Newest Food Truck Culinary Experience

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Gulf Cart is Tampa Bay’s newest food truck culinary experience connecting flavors and culinary experiences from across the gulf coast.

Don’t let the name fool you, the Gulf Cart food truck has more to offer than fresh seasonal seafood. Their rotating menu will always include land-lover gulf coast favorites including cajun Louisiana and hardy Texan cuisines.

And we ain’t lyin’, “Chef Bill Tarleton will make you fall in love with his rendition on some of the south coast’s most iconic dishes.”

Gulf Cart Mission Statement

On the Gulf Cart, it is our mission to provide world-class customer service and deliver a food truck experience that showcases the best of the US Gulf Coast’s ingredients. To provide an adventure that is above reproach anywhere in the Southeast and will be enjoyed and remembered for generations to come.

More About Gulf Cart

Bill: Bill was born down in the bayous of Louisiana, yes way down, where the not so hit show “Swamp People” is filmed. No… he doesn’t have an accent; it would be a lot cooler if he did. He grew up in the Tampa Bay area fishing and boating his whole life. Falling in love with the beautiful waters and the amazing culture of Tampa Bay. When bill was 18 he joined the Marine Corps and was selected for the elite Marine Raiders. He deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, North Africa, and South America. During his travels he enjoyed the cuisines of the world where he fell in love with the food along his journeys. After failed attempts to be a normal person with sensibilities, Bill has ditched the suit, his cushy air- conditioned office jobs and decided to share his love for food with the world. His passion for the sea and his love for the outdoors, has driven his passion for the ingredients of the Gulf Coast. He now has the opportunity to cook the food he grew up eating. No, we’re not talking about the crayons he scarfed down when his teacher wasn’t looking. We’re talking real local food.

Cody: Cody Capobianco was born and raised in Florida. After graduating from UF and working in various industries, both as an entrepreneur and as a member of staff, he found his passion in the foodservice industry. A combination of opportunity and fortune brought him together with Chef Bill, a former colleague in the financial industry, to create the Gulf Cart Food Truck concept. An aspiring Florida Man, Cody has traveled the state eating the best cuisine we have to offer, mastered the secret art of Karate, and has been on a boat at least twice. He enjoys reading Facebook arguments, emo rock from the early 2000s, and people who yell for no reason. He dislikes chili without beans because it’s just meat sauce.

Flavor Journey:

Our food truck will take you on a culinary ride through some of the Gulf Coast’s most iconic dishes on our seasonal menu. The historic flavors of the Gulf Coast run deep on the Gulf Cart through our modern approach to popular Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Cuban cuisine.

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Contact For More:

Phone: 727-420-0426

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