September 27, 2021
  • September 27, 2021

Create A Space You Love With Brilliant Organization

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In 2015, Nikoo Brill decided it was time to cut ties with her home state of Wisconsin and embark
on a new journey living in Florida. To enjoy the sunshine, beaches, and the great weather. This
was a dream she brought to reality.

Soon after settling in the St. Petersburg area, Nikoo began to give some serious thought to her
other dreams of starting her own business. This is how Brilliant Organization LLC came to be, the result of her dream turned reality.

Nikoo Brill now helps multiple clients with what they are struggling with, identifies the
“things” they love and showcases them to make their home a personal more organized
space they will love coming home to.

Not only does Nikoo work beside the client throughout the process, but she also asks thoughtful
questions to help customize the one-on-one experience and coaches them to clarify their goals.
Her attention to detail allows for the creation of a balance between what you NEED, what you
LOVE, and what you can FUNCTIONALLY FIT in your space.

Nikoo is not only a well-rounded and organized person, but she also enjoys sharing her
enthusiasm with her clients. She empowers people to live better! She will make your day special and fun (really)! Nikoo is respectful of your wishes, values and interests and will roll with you.
For whatever chapter of life, you are in, Brilliant Organization is there to help you create a space
you love!

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