August 4, 2021
  • August 4, 2021

Booze & Bubbles-Tampa

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“Taking on the challenges of 2020 and COVD-19, Terry Thompson Jr and CJ Rothwell better known as TJ and CJ, found a way to hurdle over the obstacles that were meant to destroy any new small business. 

Terry and CJ are entrepreneurs and new parents who decided to take a leap of faith during the middle of a global pandemic to upstart a new business. “Though small businesses were being hit the hardest, we created a way to cater to the times” Terry adds. Terry is a school teacher and girls basketball coach at Wharton High School.  While CJ, is a public health specialist with a focus in epidemiology.

Neither in the couple had prior business ownership knowledge  “CJ is the head of the business and I am the tail. I let her bask in the moment as she flourishes and I am there to support her and to make sure she stays in budget at all times.  Whenever and wherever she needs me I am there.” Terry and CJ are the owners of the inimitable Booze & Bubbles.

These newly engaged college grad sweethearts curated an innovative mobile beverage business they opened in November 2020.  “One night, I was scrolling down Pinterest and I came across this really cute champagne wall.  I thought to myself “wow I haven’t seen anything like it here in Tampa” but I was hesitant to pursue it, CJ adds. As a couple of days passed I found myself pondering on the idea of having this champagne wall but then I came across this cute tap truck in South Florida.  I was absolutely in love with that truck! I needed one and I was determined to find out how to make it happen. CJ explains”  

CJ immediately saw a void in the Tampa event industry. “I remember telling my fiance about this idea and he was all in, he believed more in the vision than I did. I had self-doubt as I had never operated or owned a business.  I was scared to step out of my comfort zone, I was scared I was going to fail; I just did not know where to begin.”  CJ expresses to us how she recalled the time where the vividness of  Booze and Bubbles came to her in a dream. “I remember one night I prayed asking God to show me my purpose and give me a clear vision of what was next to come and he did just that. I woke up that night promptly at 3:16am, I was half delusional and I grabbed my phone and typed in the name of the business, the colors, and the tagline then I fell right asleep.  I woke up the next morning and read what I typed and I was literally shooketh.” It was at that moment, CJ had found her purpose and instantly applied for her business name and began researching the logistics of nature for this new business venture. 

“The best part about our business is that we are truly self-made; meaning WE funded our own business and WE pay ourselves.  So when we do become millionaires, we will be SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRES!”  CJ confidently adds. 

CJ expresses how she is faith-driving while making sure she gives all glory and thanks to God.  “I walk by faith and not by sight, not one-time did I become intimidated nor discouraged of the unprecedented times.”  Keeping their faith, working hard, and fighting through all obstacles is how the couple is driving Booze and Bubbles to the top.  “It is survival of the fittest and we are built to never quit”  Terry states.  Though there are many positives to the business as well as cons.  “We never allow negativity to resonate; we take the crooked with the straights,” Terry adds.  On a brighter note,  Booze and Bubbles is a way for CJ to express her creativity, all while having mental clarity.  “Being creative allows me to release any anxiety or stressors that I am carrying; I am at a place of peace and happiness when I am creating and designing for the business.  I know that every step of this journey, God is allowing me to fulfill my purpose in life”  CJ mentions.  

Though COVID-19 has brought its many challenges, Booze and Bubbles meets the need of the “new normal.” The pandemic has allowed Booze and Bubbles to flourish in the Tampa Bay and Central Florida area.  Booze & Bubbles provides a unique drinking experience for all to enjoy. They offer an eco-friendly booze tap truck, named Boozie. Boozie has the versatility to operate indoors as well as outdoors. She is uniquely equipped to hold up to six different alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.  Their signature champagne walls, which are a fan favorite, are booked and designed for holiday parties, social events, corporate events, weddings, bridal showers, and etc.  “We created a unique opportunity for people to enjoy themselves safely while enjoying booze. ” CJ states. 

The owners have been counting their blessings since their first champagne wall was booked.  The demand for Booze and Bubbles has been consistently on the uprise week after week.  While Boozie the tap truck has made her debut, the couple is looking forward to the bright and promising future.  

Are you ready to book your unique drinking experience? 

Contact Booze and Bubbles now to book for them to pull up to your next event.”

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