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6 Products to Make Life Easier!-Dog & Baby Parents

By on March 11, 2021 0 96 Views

Let’s be honest, being a dog parent or even a parent of a whole human can be a bit challenging. Here are a few items to help make your life easier.

1. Pooch Paper (Starting at $12.99, available at


Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags to take care of your dog’s business? Check out Pooch Paper! This is an environmentally-friendly alternative crafted from recycled, 100% biodegradable and compostable paper. It’s created with a grease resistant coating to keep waste in its place so all you do is grab, twist, and toss! Learn more at

2. BarkPotty (Starting at $37, available on and Amazon) 


Bring the outdoors inside with Bark Potty – the ultimate eco-friendly upgrade for your four legged friends! From its naturally enticing scent to its easy-on-the-eyes design, Bark Potty offers dogs the perfect spot to “go” in apartments, boats, hotels, and more. Simply set it up in a discreet spot and they’ll follow their nose! Just like at the park, its proprietary bark is the scent they know and love, drawing them over to do their business. And for the owner’s benefit, the bark is antimicrobial, attacks odors, and absorbs liquids so it can last for weeks without smelling or needing to be changed. Learn more at

3. Bibbrella ($18.99, available on and Amazon)


Bibbrella has a one of a kind, full coverage bib to keep your kids and home less messy at meal time! Whether it’s dry cereal or spaghetti everywhere, Bibbrella has you (and your baby) covered! The unique full coverage design provides complete arm, torso, and lap protection. The bib features a velcro panel in the front that can remain closed or come apart to make adjustments around high chair straps. When on the go, you can use the built in strap to wrap up the mess and stow away until you get home, just like an umbrella. Learn more at

4. Morrison Outdoors (Starting at $84.95, available at


For the camping and outdoor lovers – this product is for you!! Instead of packing tons of blankets to keep your baby and toddlers warm, check out the Morrison Outdoors Baby Sleeping Bag! The world’s warmest baby sleeping bag helps keep your little ones warm and cozy during those cold nights. Now you can plan a camping trip without having to worry about your young children getting too cold! Find out more at

5. PatPat Spring 2021 (Starting at $4, available at


PatPat is the go to place for your baby’s spring style this year! They have adorable outfits for kids of all ages and have SO much to choose from! You can check out adorable spring outfits (like the one pictured above!), new bathing suits, stylish kicks, or even Mommy & Me matching outfits for you and your baby. How cute is that?! Check out tons more at!

6. Buddha Board ($34.95, available on and Amazon)

Do you have a little one that could use a product to help relax their busy mind and give them a creative break? Then you have to check out Buddha Board for your babies! This is a screen-free way to be creative and cultivate a healthy state of mindfulness. The Buddha Board is a blank slate where you simply dip your brush in water and create. Learn more at

Let us know which products you’re most interested in!

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